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Girls'Net club is a social group for girls that can be found in any geographic location. Each Girls group consists of a certain of a number of girls who are led by a mentor who lives in the same area. The aim of the clubs is for girls to engage in different social issues and document these using information and communication technologies.

The project is supported locally by a partner organisation and a mentor. Mentorship is the most important level in the Girls’Net project. These are individual woman, and/or groups ( in the case where we have a man and woman) that support the participation of girls in their communities. But we believe that this support needs to be linked to their everyday work. Hence, they need to be people who believe and support human rights for all, especially the right of children to be heard. It is also advisable that the mentor be part of the local partner organisation that helps to select the girls among other things.

To form a club in your community you will need:

  • a partner organisation
  • a mentor (prefferably female) from 25 years of age
  • a group of atleast ten girls
  • a secure place where the girls can meet frequently

To join a club, please fill in the form on this page.